Today, I spent the morning sleeping, showering and dressing up, and the afternoon in the garden, reading Weetzie Bat and drinking milk and ice. It's been like summer all day, and the air's hot and heavy, even though it's only April and usually still chilly here. The weather's been getting better ever since we broke up for the Easter holidays on Friday, which is great, apart from the melting chocolate eggs. I eat gummi bears all day, and sleep with the window open. It's noisy and there's a constant stream of music, car, motorcycle and people noises but I suppose when you've lived your whole life with these sounds coming through the windows it doesn't bother you so much, and lulls you to sleep more than a lullaby and quietness ever could. 

Anyway, I'm sorting all of my springy, summery inspirations into folders and posts and outfits, and here's some of them (as well as what I wore today). I bought this yellow 1960s dress at a vintage fair recently and I've been waiting for weather that's good enough to wear it. My dad told me that I look like a daffodil, which was brilliant, and now I just need a huge yellow hat with a brim like flower petals to wear with it.

Vintage dress; mum's underskirt; Primark socks; Greek and Jesus bracelets

My only quarrel with these lovely, lemony socks is that my nail varnish shows right through them as they're slightly sheer around the toe area. 

Weetzie Bat screenplay reading; Marilyn Monroe; six unknowns from Google Images; and my pony-fied Google search bar. I love the sugar-coated My Little Pony aesthetic. 

Pictures like these make me wish I was born into a different generation. Look at the fifth one; all the sun and palm trees and water. It's images like that, of decades-old swimming pools in Florida, that make me wish even more that I was born during the 1930s in Miami or Los Angeles. I'd wake up at mid morning, eat a bowl of strawberries, then spend the day by the pool drinking fake cocktails. 

That's about everything I can think of right now, summer-wise. I think my brain has partially melted. Happy Easter!

Yours truly,
Grace xx

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Core Garcia said...

Followed your blog! Such a beautiful dress and I love the colour! It's very spring/summer-esque.

And these are fantastic images you've used! It's great how they incorporate the same thought and vibe :)

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