there was nothing else for me to do, so i came and sat with you

Before I go off on a tangent about birthdays, or lace, or whatever else I tend to go on and on about, I wanted to apologise for posting about four times in February. During the first few hours of 2012, I was like OMG 18354 POSTS A MONTH VIS THE BLOG and then I actually started writing posts and there were about five a month. Sorry for barely posting anything! I promise to start doing more in the way of outfit and inspiration posts, and... well, whatever it is I should be posting about.

Anyway, this is kind of a screaming-fangirly-meets-obsessed-lunatic post. (I've definitely used the word "post" too many times now. BLEH.) In January, I started watching Whitechapel - which is a creepy, weird crime drama set in London, don'tcha know - and after about two episodes I realised how beautiful Sam Stockman is. Usually I wouldn't post about a crush, but I am pathetically obsessed and also, he looks like a VAMPIRE. (Which links in with the whole supernatural/etherealness of my fantasy lifestyle.)

Also, on an irrelevant-to-Sam Stockman but a VERY relevant-to-Little-Witch note, how PERFECT are his outfits? When he was a teenager, he was probably the creepily awesome indie kid who listened to music nobody else in his class had heard of, and wore T-shirts with bands like The Smiths and Nirvana printed on them. That's what I like to think, anyway. HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL. 

Some summery,  inspiration. 

I found everything on Google by searching for "vintage Disney posters" and stuff like that, so I'm not sure of the sources. Feel free to steal whatever you like. (Except Sam Stockman.)

I've been to Disneyland Paris once before, when I was younger, and I want to go again SOOO much. I'm desperate to go to Disney Florida, because that would be all my fairyland fantasies come true in one amusement park. 

It's my birthday soon, luckily, because I've been wearing the same outfits every weekend. They're not even interesting. It's literally jeans, and a Smiths T-shirt, and Jesus bracelets. The little wooden ones. I have two and they were both a waste of money but I love them, even though I'm not religious, I just think they're beautiful and I'm obsessed with weird, religious iconography paraphernalia. I think my sister (who got me the Virgin Mary moneybank) went through a similar phase, only with posters of Limp Bizkit and Busted. 

Outfit posts will be ready for this weekend, hopefully, and I'll fill in the week with some inspiration posts and stuff like that. See you then. 

Yours truly, Grace xx

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Maxens M. Finch (ex: Pashupati) said...

I love vintage posters. Somebody used to sell vintage fashion posters in my city market.
I've weird feelings concerning wearing christian stuffs as a non-christian. 1. My family was part christian, part jewish until a few generations 2. It counts as cultural appropriation, but is it offensive as most christian are white and considered the "default" in my country whereas other religions are seen as cuckoolanders? (most people are either atheist, christian, jewish or muslim in my country; atheism seems to be seen the default, christianism a second understandable default and judaism, well, too long to explain the various views people seems to have on jews here; I guess people's views on muslim folks are similar to that of americans') 3. Weird thing: I once bought a similar wooden religious iconography bracelet from a muslim-owned store!
Still, these iconography bracelets could well be worn only for their artistic qualities, in a non-religious way? These are studied as art as well as to see how they can be used to promote religious views and the story they tell... Unlike a cross which is used to say "hey, I believe in the christian God" (though, I've a cross, that I used to wear because it was a gift.) But then one could say "I steal the culture of those I killed because it is art", the thing with offensive cultural appropriation is it's hypocritical since you appropriate cultures you or your ancestors and your culture qualified as being "lesser"?
Sorry about thinking outloud in your comments :o