i've loved and i've lost, and now i've just got candy

Important Thing Number One That Happened To Me Today: I'm getting my Dad, who runs a company that prints peoples' photographs onto canvases, to make me an MDF of this for my birthday next month and I am SUPER EXCITED. I love Meadham Kirchhoff and their SS 2012 show was the most amazing fashion show since Alexander McQueen's SS 2001 collection, where the models were in the one-way glass box, in that confined, claustrophobic space draped in bandages and birds and feathers. 

Important Thing Blah Blah Blah Number Two: I took pictures of my outfit while the light was on my side. I was aiming for a "Mr-Candyman-meets-Nyx" vibe and ended up with this: 

Sorry about the crappy camera-in-the-mirror. I'm definitely getting a new one with self timer shit for my birthday, so (hopefully) the pictures will be higher quality and you can actually, oh, see my face. Fnyar. 

Black top, Eyelight skirt, magazine tights, belt that I definitely DIDN'T get free in a magazine, vintage Betty Boop badge, Audrey Hepburn pendant and creepy iconography Jesus bracelets. 

My mum gave them to me last year and I didn't really have any outfits that went with them, but recently I've been kind of obsessed with adding inches to my height, and the colour of the snakeskin-ness is perfect. I want to say late nineties/early noughties, with a kind of sixties vibe from the cork, but considering they're the right size for me my mum probably got them in 2006-ish. I should've just lied and told you they're vintage, so I sound COOL and HIP and RETRO CHICK. 

The hand-made flower headband I keep going on about:

I cropped most of my face up because I look weird and depressed and angry, but not in a good way, in a freaky woman Godzilla way. It has the perfect amount of flowers, and although they don't go the whole way round the strap is black elastic so it kind of blends in with my hair. And it makes my hair fluff up in a SUPER ATTRACTIVE beehive-y sort of way, which I love. Also, note that perfect eyeliner-pencil flick. I usually use pencils even when I'm doing a cat eye so I don't get black running down my face, like  this poor love. 

Oh, and on another note, I made THIS for my bedroom wall:

Feminist Doesn't Mean Frigid. 

I don't believe in the stereotypical image of a feminist - never wears makeup, hates men, lesbian, always angry and bitchy - is true at all. Just because I get crushes, and I dream about growing up and marrying Louis Tomlinson, does that mean I can't believe in equal rights for women? Or that women don't deserve to be treated like pieces of meat, or referred to as "shawty", "babey G" and "you so damn  hawt I wanna rape u an shag u and be yo baby's dady". 

Anyway, on an unrelated note, school starts again tomorrow. I'm not dreading it exactly, I just hate waking up at six thirty, and sharing a class with four decent people and about twenty-eight immature, ignorant or just plain BORING people. I should wear my magazine tights with my uniform and scare them all into shock. That was a damn funny fantasy. 

Yours truly, Grace xx

P.S. Please excuse the weird layering on the last post, for some reason the alignment's gone. Like, gone. I dunno, maybe it got excited by all the candy-ness and pastels and sweets I was writing about and had a fit and died. 

P.P.S. Maybe not.

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Maxens M. Finch (ex: Pashupati) said...

Aw, someone with whom I made a youth rights zine with wrote about uniforms at school being against free speech (in french: libre expression, so it's not really the same thing as it applies to paintings, etc.) and also didn't reach the deal it aimed (making social groups/economic classes undistinguishible) and was a bit "incoherent" (advertising posters in classroom, no brands or pins; "boys" can't wear skirt, "girls" can't wear "too short" skirts but lady teachers can.) (I put boys and girls in quotes, because maybe some of them don't identify/experience themselves as such despite the school administration thinking they are F or M.)
Well, I really like the mix of patterns (belt+tights+shoes) and kudos on your birthday gift :) Though, I'd have chosen a print of Alexander McQueen's Fall 2001 collection. (I wasn't sure it was the one I remembered, so I checked style.com and it is, the skeletons really marked my memory :))
As for the feminist/makeup thing society thinks, I've dealt with that problem both with talking to feminists and with people not believing I didn't want to get catcalled :/ (complicated, but it's sorta sad, it's not my fault if society defines makeup/liking fashion as "something 'women' do for 'men'" or at least "something people who want to be attracted to 'men' do for them" or "something people do for others" at best) (I shall not get started on this!)