the time has come again

I am infinitely apologetic for my horrendous lack of posts.

The reason I've been so inactive is because I've started a new blog, Daisy Ghetto, which is basically an update of this one. So if you were following me, follow that one instead (as this one's just going into a fashion-induced coma). 

See you at le Ghetto. (Hopefully).

Thank you for following and commenting, you've all been angels - all 11 of you. You lovely, lovely people.

Ciara Grace 

PS. In case you didn't notice or you're trying to evade re-following my mindless warblings, tis  http://daisyghetto.blogspot.co.uk/. See you there!



Today, I spent the morning sleeping, showering and dressing up, and the afternoon in the garden, reading Weetzie Bat and drinking milk and ice. It's been like summer all day, and the air's hot and heavy, even though it's only April and usually still chilly here. The weather's been getting better ever since we broke up for the Easter holidays on Friday, which is great, apart from the melting chocolate eggs. I eat gummi bears all day, and sleep with the window open. It's noisy and there's a constant stream of music, car, motorcycle and people noises but I suppose when you've lived your whole life with these sounds coming through the windows it doesn't bother you so much, and lulls you to sleep more than a lullaby and quietness ever could. 

Anyway, I'm sorting all of my springy, summery inspirations into folders and posts and outfits, and here's some of them (as well as what I wore today). I bought this yellow 1960s dress at a vintage fair recently and I've been waiting for weather that's good enough to wear it. My dad told me that I look like a daffodil, which was brilliant, and now I just need a huge yellow hat with a brim like flower petals to wear with it.

Vintage dress; mum's underskirt; Primark socks; Greek and Jesus bracelets

My only quarrel with these lovely, lemony socks is that my nail varnish shows right through them as they're slightly sheer around the toe area. 

Weetzie Bat screenplay reading; Marilyn Monroe; six unknowns from Google Images; and my pony-fied Google search bar. I love the sugar-coated My Little Pony aesthetic. 

Pictures like these make me wish I was born into a different generation. Look at the fifth one; all the sun and palm trees and water. It's images like that, of decades-old swimming pools in Florida, that make me wish even more that I was born during the 1930s in Miami or Los Angeles. I'd wake up at mid morning, eat a bowl of strawberries, then spend the day by the pool drinking fake cocktails. 

That's about everything I can think of right now, summer-wise. I think my brain has partially melted. Happy Easter!

Yours truly,
Grace xx


any love that is love is right

SO, I turned thirteen last Tuesday! I won't go through everything I got, because that would be unspeakably narcissistic and self-centered even for me, but from my family I got a gorgeous lace dress (Boohoo, dahling), Breakfast at Tiffany's, West Side Story (which I can safely say as a teenage girl speaks VOLUMES to me, and not just about New York gang culture), a pair of shoes with zebras - yeah, I know, ZEBRAS - on them, and a set of three pairs of pastel-coloured socks, which are beautiful and perfect and lovely. 

Sorry for being so over-excited. Actually, I take it back, I've been struggling to apologise for things for a long time. It's probably because of all the times I've said "Sorry for not posting!" bleh. Here's some pictures from my birthday, namely the table which is even more amazing in real life. My mum told me the fake flowers are mine, and I'm super excited just by the prospect of having them in my room. Constantly, never dying, permanently perfect.

I asked my mum for a Candyland birthday cake, and she made this one. It's super thick, had fruit goo and buttercream in the middle, and there was heaven on top. Decorated by my lovely sister whose cake-decoration skills surpass even mine, and I've done the family Christmas cakes for as long as I can remember.

I look sooo young. I promise you I'm thirteen! Honest! 

 Another present I got was Dangerous Angels: The Weetzie Bat Books. Weetzie Bat is the best, most magical, most brilliant book I think I've ever read. In fact, I'm fairly certain of it, because most of what I usually read is music memoirs and gothic horror. Weetzie Bat is glam-slam, slinkster cool. 

It strikes me as amazing how incredibly relevant everything Francesca Lia Block talks about is: homosexuality, AIDS, underage smoking and drinking, drugs, running away and witch children. I'd like to talk about it in more depth - I'd like to write a whole blog, based solely on Weetzie Bat books and everything about them. That's one of my dreams (the other is move to Los Angeles or Paris or Florida). 

Weetzie Bat, the main protagonist, dresses in glitter and feathers and moccasins. She's into Indians, because "they were here first and we treated them like shit". Her best friend is Dirk, the most beautiful boy at school. Weetzie is too amazing to be labelled and categorised, and so is Dirk (but he calls himself a punk anyway). Dirk is gay, and Weetzie is not, and they hunt for Ducks (boys) together. One day, Weetzie wishes on a magic lamp for Dirk to get a Duck, and My Secret Agent Lover Man for her, and a beautiful house for them all to live in. Confused? Good. You should be. 

In a nutshell, it's the BEST BOOK EVER. 


Yours truly, Grace xx


there was nothing else for me to do, so i came and sat with you

Before I go off on a tangent about birthdays, or lace, or whatever else I tend to go on and on about, I wanted to apologise for posting about four times in February. During the first few hours of 2012, I was like OMG 18354 POSTS A MONTH VIS THE BLOG and then I actually started writing posts and there were about five a month. Sorry for barely posting anything! I promise to start doing more in the way of outfit and inspiration posts, and... well, whatever it is I should be posting about.

Anyway, this is kind of a screaming-fangirly-meets-obsessed-lunatic post. (I've definitely used the word "post" too many times now. BLEH.) In January, I started watching Whitechapel - which is a creepy, weird crime drama set in London, don'tcha know - and after about two episodes I realised how beautiful Sam Stockman is. Usually I wouldn't post about a crush, but I am pathetically obsessed and also, he looks like a VAMPIRE. (Which links in with the whole supernatural/etherealness of my fantasy lifestyle.)

Also, on an irrelevant-to-Sam Stockman but a VERY relevant-to-Little-Witch note, how PERFECT are his outfits? When he was a teenager, he was probably the creepily awesome indie kid who listened to music nobody else in his class had heard of, and wore T-shirts with bands like The Smiths and Nirvana printed on them. That's what I like to think, anyway. HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL. 

Some summery,  inspiration. 

I found everything on Google by searching for "vintage Disney posters" and stuff like that, so I'm not sure of the sources. Feel free to steal whatever you like. (Except Sam Stockman.)

I've been to Disneyland Paris once before, when I was younger, and I want to go again SOOO much. I'm desperate to go to Disney Florida, because that would be all my fairyland fantasies come true in one amusement park. 

It's my birthday soon, luckily, because I've been wearing the same outfits every weekend. They're not even interesting. It's literally jeans, and a Smiths T-shirt, and Jesus bracelets. The little wooden ones. I have two and they were both a waste of money but I love them, even though I'm not religious, I just think they're beautiful and I'm obsessed with weird, religious iconography paraphernalia. I think my sister (who got me the Virgin Mary moneybank) went through a similar phase, only with posters of Limp Bizkit and Busted. 

Outfit posts will be ready for this weekend, hopefully, and I'll fill in the week with some inspiration posts and stuff like that. See you then. 

Yours truly, Grace xx


i've loved and i've lost, and now i've just got candy

Important Thing Number One That Happened To Me Today: I'm getting my Dad, who runs a company that prints peoples' photographs onto canvases, to make me an MDF of this for my birthday next month and I am SUPER EXCITED. I love Meadham Kirchhoff and their SS 2012 show was the most amazing fashion show since Alexander McQueen's SS 2001 collection, where the models were in the one-way glass box, in that confined, claustrophobic space draped in bandages and birds and feathers. 

Important Thing Blah Blah Blah Number Two: I took pictures of my outfit while the light was on my side. I was aiming for a "Mr-Candyman-meets-Nyx" vibe and ended up with this: 

Sorry about the crappy camera-in-the-mirror. I'm definitely getting a new one with self timer shit for my birthday, so (hopefully) the pictures will be higher quality and you can actually, oh, see my face. Fnyar. 

Black top, Eyelight skirt, magazine tights, belt that I definitely DIDN'T get free in a magazine, vintage Betty Boop badge, Audrey Hepburn pendant and creepy iconography Jesus bracelets. 

My mum gave them to me last year and I didn't really have any outfits that went with them, but recently I've been kind of obsessed with adding inches to my height, and the colour of the snakeskin-ness is perfect. I want to say late nineties/early noughties, with a kind of sixties vibe from the cork, but considering they're the right size for me my mum probably got them in 2006-ish. I should've just lied and told you they're vintage, so I sound COOL and HIP and RETRO CHICK. 

The hand-made flower headband I keep going on about:

I cropped most of my face up because I look weird and depressed and angry, but not in a good way, in a freaky woman Godzilla way. It has the perfect amount of flowers, and although they don't go the whole way round the strap is black elastic so it kind of blends in with my hair. And it makes my hair fluff up in a SUPER ATTRACTIVE beehive-y sort of way, which I love. Also, note that perfect eyeliner-pencil flick. I usually use pencils even when I'm doing a cat eye so I don't get black running down my face, like  this poor love. 

Oh, and on another note, I made THIS for my bedroom wall:

Feminist Doesn't Mean Frigid. 

I don't believe in the stereotypical image of a feminist - never wears makeup, hates men, lesbian, always angry and bitchy - is true at all. Just because I get crushes, and I dream about growing up and marrying Louis Tomlinson, does that mean I can't believe in equal rights for women? Or that women don't deserve to be treated like pieces of meat, or referred to as "shawty", "babey G" and "you so damn  hawt I wanna rape u an shag u and be yo baby's dady". 

Anyway, on an unrelated note, school starts again tomorrow. I'm not dreading it exactly, I just hate waking up at six thirty, and sharing a class with four decent people and about twenty-eight immature, ignorant or just plain BORING people. I should wear my magazine tights with my uniform and scare them all into shock. That was a damn funny fantasy. 

Yours truly, Grace xx

P.S. Please excuse the weird layering on the last post, for some reason the alignment's gone. Like, gone. I dunno, maybe it got excited by all the candy-ness and pastels and sweets I was writing about and had a fit and died. 

P.P.S. Maybe not.


the california lonely hearts club

Today I did very few things. I hung around Sainsbury's in a rebellious, angsty pre-teen riot grrl way, scaring the old ladies that were shopping for lavender perfume or whatever it was they were shopping for there. Then I got home and made up my ULTIMATE FANTASY GIRL BAND and wondered why they don't exist in real life. I called them the California Dreams Club and decided that they'd be obsessed with ice cream, and the fifties, and sunloungers and Marilyn Monroe. I also realised how much creepy candy colours and Beverley Hills and 1950's motels inspire me and influence the way I dress, in sugary layers and mint green. I made a bunch of "album covers" with close-up shots of the faces of beautiful women who inspire me and are just generally amazing.

Marlene Dietrich, Debbie Harry and PJ Harvey (aka my ULTIMATE GIRL IDOLS). It's kind of disconcerting that I have two singers there - especially as I can't sing at all - but Debbie and PJ (see, I'm so hip I'm on a first name basis with both of them and I definitely didn't mistype that as first name ass) are just so beautiful and awesome and powerful in a womanly way that I am kind of obsessed with them. The colours made me think of Meadham Kirchhoff Spring '12:


Candyfloss, for the colour and the fluffiness and girliness. Doesn't it make you want to go to a fairground, have a carousel ride and get some candy?
Speaking of candy, which I seem to keep coming back to (not hinting at the fact I'm starving hungry) here's one of the outfits I wore today:


Primark dress, H&M skirt, vintage top, Eyelight tights, and some candy-coloured things I found in my room. The ice cream cone has mint-scented bubble mixture inside it and I love it. A LOT. 

I wore my Eyelight tights because they always make me happy and they were perfect for the colour scheme I was going for. I was going to double them up with my  floral tights but I couldn't find them and had to make do with one pair. They're covered with magazine covers that are possibly from the nineties?? I can't tell, but this one: 

Kind of reminds me of this shot of Lana Del Rey for David Atman: 

I think so, anyway. 

I'm back to school on Monday but there'll be more outfit posts coming up. Only not of my crappy school uniform. Until I get round to finding somewhere with decent lighting, and somebody to take the picture for me (the camera hasn't got a self timer), it'll probably be more inspiration posts and pictures of abandoned amusement parks and ice cream cones. 

Californian palm trees, for haziness and summeriness, LadurĂ©e macarons for the colours, Marie Antoinette, and Rasa Zukauskaite for Lula. 

If you are obsessed with sweets and pastels too, or you know any good mint-green lipsticks, then comment and tell me. I really want a mint green lipstick after I read this post on Self-Constructed Freak. UUUURGH SO UNBEARABLY PRETTY. 

Yours truly,
Grace xx